Welcome to jrkapz.com

I imagine many people have a BIG goal they want to accomplish with their life. My aim is to save the world. Of course that is a really big goal, so I approach it from two directions: philosophy and education. In these pages the philosophy may be found within my compositions: my fiction, songs, poems, and so forth. The educational component is generally dealt with through my books, especially the non-fiction, and blogs. Some pages will also be dedicated simply to the pursuit of fun. At least I'm having fun, and hope you will too. Ultimately, if I can build two things: a school and a meditation center, I'll feel I'm on a good path. So read on, the rest of this introductory page provides a guide to how my web site is set up.

The Fiction tab breaks down into two parts. The first will give you an overview of my current Sci-Fi thriller, Satan's Bulge. I've included a couple of snippets which I hope will pique your interest. If they do, click on the word "more" just to the right and you'll be able to obtain your very own personal copy. After you read it, let me know what you think. It might not be so fictional after all.
You'll also find a sample on my short stories at the Fiction tab, The complete collection of them is available in Bristlecone Sequoia. What's that, you ask? Read on.

The Poems tab will lead you to a collection, sometimes called a chapbook, titled Bristlecone Sequoia. I'll include a sample and like as not will change it from time to time so check back. Again, if you want your own copy, check the word "more" just to the right and you'll find out how easy that can be.

The Music tab will highlight a sample of one or two songs, also from Bristlecone Sequoia, along with the guitar chords I use. If you want to know how they sound, pop an email to me. I'm working on getting the CD mastered covering all the songs in the book. Hopefully it will be available in (very) limited quantities sometime in May of 2009.
Incidentally, Bristlecone Sequoia is also replete with short stories and pithy epigrams. You'll get a lot for your hard-earned buck here.

The Blog tab will take you to that mysterious place where my blog lives. In it you will find items primarily dealing with economics, items I feel are important to consider. Items that may help you avoid pitfalls. Items that may guide you to valuable resources. Even items that may give you a chuckle.

The Economics tab also breaks down into two sections. One takes you to teasing highlights for my upcoming book What Did My Broker Say? which deals with financial planning. I'll show you the table of contents and provide a brief synopsis of each chapter. Hopefully this will aid you in determining why you might want to pick up a copy the moment I find a publisher willing to sink hard earned dollars into a sure long shot.
The second section within the Economics tab tracks certain economic indicators I feel are helpful whether you plan, implement, and maintain your own portfolios or want someone else to do so. I'll explain what they are and why I think they're important. Finally, I'll try to combine them all in a logical system to point out where I believe we are within the economic cycle.

The Biography tab provides a self-aggrandizing look at my qualifications in a shameless attempt to promote my ideas and production. If I succeed, start a fan club in my honor, or at least direct a friend to these pages. If I fail, you can click on the Contact tab and ask me what I think I'm up to. Between the books, poems, songs, short stories, my blog, and our interactions, I'm sure we'll have a good time. So come on in, look around, stay for awhile, and enjoy yourself.

JR Kapz