Here are a couple of selections from the novel. Hopefully they will give you a flavor of how the tale is told, without giving away the suspenseful ending.

Satan's Bulge

Chapter 1

It was five-thirty in the morning, still dark, when Steve pulled onto the tarmac at Fox Field.  To illuminate the storage shed in the predawn morning, he left the headlights of his F-150 on.  Under them, his AT-402A crop duster’s brilliant orange and black pattern escaped from the dull gray outline of night.  Stepping out of the truck, Steve climbed up one rung of the access ladder and leaned into the cockpit.  After giving the brake a tug to make sure it was engaged, he hit the ignition and the single engine roared to life.
“Let her warm up a bit,” he thought.  His thermometer at home had read forty-two and it was at least that cold out here in the open.  Steve rechecked the level of carbaryl XLR Plus in the spray tank.  “Everything’s go.”
He returned to the thermos of coffee waiting in the truck.  After pouring a short cup, Steve leaned against the fender, wrapping both hands around the cup for warmth.  Hunched over against the cold, he looked toward the horizon.  Already the peaks of the San Gabriel Mountains off to the southeast were becoming well defined by a yellow stripe as morning prepared to spread across the desert.
The sun always seemed to rise quickly over the upper Mojave.  “It’ll be thirty degrees warmer by noon.  I’ll be finished with Chisholm’s peach fields before then.  It shouldn’t be too bad a day.”
When the yellow ball of sun broke free of the mountain tops, he tossed his cup back into the truck, locked everything up, and climbed into his airplane.  Taking the brake off, Steve taxied onto the runway, pushed the throttle forward and soon was rising into the air.  Ten minutes later he could see the first field approaching.
He saw a pickup truck parked on the shoulder of Highway 138 below.  “There’s Ramon,” he thought, “already set up.”  Standing at the edge of the field holding a flag on the end of a tall pole, Ramon was his spotter, providing a guide to follow on each spraying run as they covered the field.  Steve banked the Air Tractor left and dropped down low, just a few feet above the desert floor.  Starting at the southeast corner, he headed north toward the highway.  Turning on the spray at the edge of the field, he held steady, skimming along about five feet above rows of newly planted trees, until just before they ended at the road.  Pulling up and switching off the spray, he made a sharp turn to the right, then snapped the plane around 270 degrees to the left, lined up and low, heading the opposite direction.  “Seven or eight laps should do it.”
As he approached the end of his third pass, Steve pulled back on the stick to climb up over the highway.  Suddenly the entire airplane shuddered violently and seemed to stop in midair.  It began to swivel around an invisible point to the right as if the wing tip had dug into something solid.  Steve quickly worked the ailerons to compensate but nothing helped.  A loud, horrid screech caused by ripping metal drowned out the sudden, irregular sputter of the duster’s motor.  He saw the right wing tearing away from the fuselage.
Just fifteen feet above the ground, there was little he could do.  He watched as three parallel rips worked their way across the broken wing’s surface, cutting deep into the inner workings, spilling out the fuel.  “How strange,” he thought as the duster went straight into the ground head first and exploded into a giant fireball.

And from Chapter 24...

“It’s going after her!” Rick shouted.  He bent down, found a good sized rock and hurled it at the dragon.  It struck the beast just behind the left shoulder.  “We’ve got to distract it before it does anything.”  He picked up another rock and let it fly.  Rob followed suit.  Mike was still filming the entire event.
While the rocks seemed to be doing no damage, they apparently achieved the aim of distraction.  The dragon halted its advance and swiveled slowly back toward the two men.  They both had picked up another rock and threw simultaneously.  Rick’s bounced off the side of the beast, but as the dragon turned its head around to face them, it moved right into the path of Rob’s, which landed hard on its muzzle.
With an ungodly, high-pitched screech, the dragon lunged toward them.  Although it was roughly thirty feet away, it was capable of moving unbelievably fast, and came at them straightaway.  The long scales that hung like a collar around its neck suddenly flared out in a circle, forming a shield behind the massive head.  The nostrils contracted, even as the entire snout seemed to elongate slightly, forming two narrow, scale-lined holes that moved independently of the rest of the head.  It flicked out its long, purplish split tongue quickly, curling it back into its mouth.  Rob could see the tips touching the roof of its mouth as the dragon, with its mouth still slightly open, seemed to breathe in, letting the air pass around them.
With a start he turned and ran back to the truck, dragging Rick with him.  “Look out, that thing is about to bust loose!” he screamed.  The transparent eyelids flicked across the dragon’s eyes and stayed there, creating a protective barrier through which it could still see.  With a sudden spasm, it shortened its muzzle while rapidly dilating the nostrils.  Just as Rob fell to the ground behind the truck, pulling Rick down with him, a blazing ball of fire shot toward them.  It blasted the front left side of the truck, scorching the paint and starting the tire on fire.
The dragon stood there for a few seconds, surveying the damage before deciding the threat had been neutralized.  As it turned back around, the collar of scales collapsed against its neck, waving filamentously.  It resumed its awkward plodding toward Mary’s house.
Mike had stayed firmly rooted in one spot, recording the entire attack.  Without taking the camera off the dragon, he yelled, “You guys all right?”
The other two men were both lying in the dirt behind what was left of the truck, tangled around each other.  Rob pushed himself up, reached over to help Rick sit up as well.  They both clambered cautiously to their knees and looked over the hood at the back of the dragon, wary as its tail, twitching nervously back and forth, threw gravel around when it brushed over the desert.  Rob waved, “Yeah, we’re okay.”
The back door of Mary’s house flew open with a bang and she emerged holding a shotgun.  She began yelling, “Get out of here!” and shouldered the weapon.  Her dog resumed its harrying attack, barking and lunging close to the dragon’s huge back feet.  As she jerked the trigger, the gun discharged loudly.  With no experience handling guns, a hobby belonging to her husband, she wasn’t prepared for the weapon’s kick, which knocked her down, backward into the house.
Most of the load flew well above the dragon although a few pellets struck its side, wounding it superficially.  With another scream, the dragon recoiled, this time moving more rapidly toward the open desert it could see between Mary’s house and a nearby outbuilding.
As it passed between the two structures, its tail and back legs seemed to rise slowly into the air, even though the dragon apparently lost no traction and continued moving at an accelerated pace away from the group.  Mary had picked herself up and come back out on the porch, leaving the gun behind.  Rob and Rick moved slowly from behind the smoldering truck, heading in her direction.  Mike, still with his camera to his eye, was moving forward swiftly to prevent the outbuilding from blocking his line of sight. 
The dragon’s hindquarters continued to rise slowly into the air as it moved away from them.  Now using its front legs to walk as well, it seemed to be ascending up an incline that grew steadily steeper.  Mary’s dog was charging the beast, seeming to run up a hill made of thin air.  The dragon swept its tail toward the dog, crashing instead against the top of the shed, knocking the entire structure to the ground.  Simultaneously, a loud explosion sounded, the blast knocking everyone to the ground.  A bright light flashed.  Dust and gravel again filled the air.  When it cleared, the dragon was gone.