Here's one of the tunes from Bristlecone Sequoia: four verses, reminiscent of a protest song from the 1960s perhaps. Ask me about the CD; it should soon be available.

Should God Bless the Rich Man

          Dm                          Am            C                     Dm
1.  If God would bless the rich man, then he must save the poor.
Am          C                Dm
The first is the preserver, the last his tool in war.
Am          C                          Dm
Bodies act as collateral, boosting up the stakes,
Am                   Em                   Em7     Dm
While blood flows all around in streams, ponds, pools, and lakes.

2.  Talks of world peace are a thing of the past.
Every breath that we now take might just be our last.
Hopes for tomorrow are products of the insane,
While death rains down from above to the ground as bombs, bullets, missiles, and planes.

3.  Our American Dream and the Great Society,
Both have come to an end because of false piety.
Meddle-class morality shows a two-faced way
Where everyone learns while young to hate, fear, lie, and pray.

4.  So man has found himself at the end of the lap;
We’ve now gone full circle and are coming back.
But there is still one way to avoid that day:
Let’s open our heart before we fall apart and listen to what it has to say.