Noble Nobel Awards

Much has been made of late regarding who gets prestigious awards, how and why.  Our own president’s recent Nobel Prize generated such a cacophony that many other equally meritorious recipients of similar honors were lost in the crowd.  To rectify this, we here at Atlas Indicators want to highlight this year’s winners in Mathematics and Economics of the 2009 Ig Nobel prize recently bestowed at Harvard.  The Zimbabwean Reserve Bank won for math due to their recent production of the country’s new bank notes, issued in a convenient range of denominations from one cent up through 100 trillion dollars.  That’s change you probably shouldn’t believe in.  For economics the award was shared jointly by directors, executives, and auditors from four Icelandic banks for their work demonstrating how a tiny bank can be changed into a huge bank and then back again into a tiny one.  The application of this approach was  used by the country of Iceland itself, somewhat in parallel, whereby this year’s winners also provided assistance to show that the same methodology can actually accomplish similar results for an entire nation’s economy.  For further details on these winners and others you can visit  While I would never stoop to such a low and obviously self-serving level as to suggest AIIA be nominated for consideration in the 20th First Annual Ig Noble Prize Awards, I do sometimes secretly, and in the middle of my darkest nights, wonder how it could be done.