Need We Ask Y?

I suppose the Baby Boomers will also take credit for starting the trend toward naming certain groups of people based on their age.  We have Gen-Xers, the Millennial Generation, ad nauseum.  But I will succumb to this vile habit and discuss that cohort currently considered to be comprised of America’s 21 to 32 year olds, aka Generation Y.  Many theories about demographics suggest this group hardly matters because they don’t have enough money to make a difference.  But of those that are employed, did you know almost half of them are already married (49% according to a recent MetLife poll), and 46% have kids?  Did you know over half (53%) are living paycheck to paycheck and that almost 3 of every 4 (73%) are very concerned about making ends meet?  Their numbers may be relatively small, but it still involves a lot of folks, and the social burden they could represent if we don’t right this economy will only add to that faced by the Boomers themselves as they begin to retire.