Hard Landings

Any skydiver will tell you the speed at which one falls is exhilarating.  At least equal attention should be paid to the speed at which one lands.  If the decline is precipitous and from a great height, a sudden stop can prove disastrous.  So it’s not the fall but the landing we must watch.  That’s why parachutes are handy.  But they must be of the right size and properly designed or the results when landing can still be bad.  A lot of recent talk has centered around the slowing rate at which global economies are falling.  Good, that means some parachutes are finally being deployed.  Whether or not they will be big enough and properly designed is another question that only time can answer.  But even if the landing proves less than calamitous, no parachute exists to help us jump back up.  The climb we must make before our next free fall will require a powerful engine but are we running out of gas?