Insider Trailing

Before investing in a company wouldn’t you like to know how they’re really doing?  How is the order flow looking?  Are the raw materials being delivered in time and at a reasonable cost?  Are orders for goods produced staying strong and getting filled without any delays?  Are the employees satisfied with their work environment and pay?  Are the banks happy with the company’s credit quality and ready to make loans if needed?  Who has all the answers to these questions?  Generically they’re called insiders, a group comprised of the officers, board of directors, and major shareholders of the company.  Wouldn’t you consider it a good sign when they are buying company stock at an unusually high rate?  How about if they are selling it at a faster pace than normal instead?  Would that send up a red flag?  Recent data suggests insiders are selling at the fastest clip since the 2007 market peak.  While not always spot on, they seemed to know something then.  I wonder what they know now?