Health Tips for June, 2013

Your crew here at Atlas sincerely hopes you know we want nothing but the best for you. While it is obvious that we spend most of our time tending to matters concerning portfolios, we do come across items relating to general health concerns. Here are a few recently encountered of which you should be aware:

Australian researchers found that polyphenols found in dark chocolate can promote calmness by reducing oxidative stress. After 30 days downing dark-chocolate drinks with high levels of such stuff, participants reported positive effects. In the future, we intend to make sure our diet contains sufficient chocolate.

The European Union has determined that up to 50% of processed animal weight is discarded. A Russian food company, applying technology developed by this EU project, plans to add meat scrap extract to ice cream, thereby boosting its protein content. Good news; now we have something over which we can pour dark chocolate syrup!

A U.S. government study by civil defense officials found bottled (or canned) beer absorbs little radiation when exposed to an atomic blast. The flavor also remains unimpaired. If you are loading up your shelter in preparation for a nuclear war, consider keeping the bar well stocked. It may also help you maintain a cheerful attitude during the event.

Scientists at Tufts University successfully grafted eyes from one tadpole onto the backside of another, allowing the recipient to see where it had been. There is some thought that we may all one day be able to have eyes in the back of our head. This could prove especially useful after a nuclear war if you are the only one in your neighborhood with any beer. We’ll keep you updated. (by J R)