They’re back….

American International Group (AIG) was one of the government’s largest basket cases last year, receiving a total of $150 billion in bail-out money to get them through a rough patch.  Guess what, all that money has been spent and the company is back at the trough asking for more.  Early this week AIG suggested it was in negotiations for tens of billions in additional aid as their losses, estimated to total about $60 billion in their fourth quarter, continue to climb.  They’ll just have to get in line.  It seems Citigroup, already a recipient of $45 billion, is coming back for another big scoop too.  But wait; there’s more!  Don’t forget about Detroit.  General Motors and Chrysler are asking the government to pony up an extra $22 billion since the initial $17 billion they’ve already received just didn’t stretch all that far.  Whoo-ee, will somebody please tell me where that line is?  I want to get in it while there’s still some dough left.  Or is it pork?