Stir Up a Roux

Allow me to share one of my favorite recipes.  Get yourself a bunch of hard-boiled eggs.  This is great after the Easter egg hunt but I make it up all year around.  Remove the yolks and cut the whites into little bites.  Mash the yolks in a separate bowl with a fork.  Now you make a white sauce, starting with the roux.  Toss a dollop of drippin’s or butter into a hot skillet along with an equal amount of flour.  Stir it all around with vigor until things turn golden and just a bit thick.  Turn down the heat some and add a couple of cups of milk.  Stir it constantly until the sauce begins to thicken up a touch.  Add the egg whites.  Put slices of hot buttered toast on a plate, slather the white sauce on top, then sprinkle the yolk over that and enjoy yourself.  I’ll promise you right now, it’s larrupin’.  My family always called it eggs a la goldenrod.

The trickiest part is getting the white sauce just right.  After adding the milk, it takes a while for the roux to thicken everything, and you have to keep stirring up the whole mess.  However, if you wait until the sauce gets really thick then you’ll have a very sticky situation on your hands even after the fire is put out.  Experience is the only answer to this dilemma, but barring something catastrophic, you should always be able to eat your mistakes.

This mess in which the world currently finds itself is another sticky situation, cooked up by the global banking system using debt and leverage as the main ingredients.  I’m not heaping all the blame on them though.  Everyone who asked for a mortgage, bought a car on time, or otherwise participated in this house of credit cards is culpable as well.  We sat at the table asking for more and the banks just facilitated our appetite.  So now this sauce is definitely stirred up, but nobody seems to know how to quit.  The chefs keep adding ingredients, more debt, but the whole things gets thicker and more unmanageable.  No one running the show today has had enough experience with this debt dish to know just how to put the fire out.  The end result is rapidly becoming something that none of us would ever, or could ever, be able to swallow.