Pandora’s Hydra

The Greeks sure had a way with words, and a very active imagination. They tell us of the first woman, a lass named Pandora, who was designed essentially as a curse upon all men. Nevertheless, she had a way about her, plus a box which contained most every evil one could imagine. Curiosity led her to open it and the rest is history since all kinds of bad stuff escaped to forever vex us all. Only hope was left inside when she was finally able to slam shut the lid. Pity.

Then there was the Hydra, a nasty creature with poisonous breath and more heads than you could shake a stick at. If you did manage to cut one off, two grew in its place.

While considered mythological, both seem to be playing a role in current events. If Pandora’s reflection can be seen in the current plight of her countrymen, then the box of evils which has recently been opened has certainly released a series of problems. As the two-year struggle to get them all hidden somehow back in a box seems ever more futile, unfortunate consequences continue to grow. Like the Hydra’s poisonous breath they waft across all of Europe and each financial institution within the many-headed banking system of which the European Union is currently comprised is beginning to fear a liquidity crisis that could cut it off from the rest. The world as a whole watches as the EU undertakes the Herculean task of preventing the decapitation of one bank from leading to the emergence of a multitude of other collapses.

The Greeks are also credited with many of the earliest classic plays of the Western World. Traditionally these dramas were considered to be inspired by two of the Muses, represented by two masks. The one for happy endings is smiling; the other, which is frowning, points to a tragic conclusion. Events in Europe must play themselves out for awhile yet before we will know which ultimately takes center stage.

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