Left-handed Screwdriver.

Despite blaming irresponsible debt creation for much of the toxic asset problem we currently face, Congress complains that the banks aren’t manufacturing enough debt these days.  What is being produced in large quantities is confusion.   There seems to be no end to all the various labels trotted out to describe the current economic malaise and its possible solution.  If nationalization sounds too harsh, call it pre-privatization.  Better yet, obfuscate with acronyms like TARP or TALF.  The spin-meisters are no doubt in absolute heaven.  Never have their talents been so in demand.  Yet whether all these balls that are being tossed up are thrown right-handed, left-handed, or under-handed,  the truth remains obvious.  Our government seems to be pursuing a rapid course toward bankruptcy in an attempt to save the few at the expense of the many.  More and more people are coming to one basic conclusion about our current leadership’s dialogue: no matter which way they twist it, we all will end up getting screwed.