Shovel Ready Stimulus

Independence Day has passed for another year and we all had plenty to celebrate.  It’s just possible that some folks had a bit more to be thankful about than others.  I’m talking about anyone who received a raise recently in this moribund economy.  Who would that be?

I don’t keep track of every Tom, Dick or Barry but the White House did release its annual salary report just before the three-day Fourth of July weekend commenced detailing how its 454 staff members are compensated.  That’s important when you have just $37.1 million to divvy up.  Over one-third, 141 to be exact, are now pulling down something north of $100,000 annually and 21 reached the $172,000 peak for the year.  More than half of these hard working folks (54%) received a raise amounting to an average 16% bump.  Overall the payroll cost climbed roughly 8%.  Certainly that will help sooth those public servants who suffer when feeling the average American worker’s pain.

Supposedly there is a freeze on the pay for Federal Workers but there are plenty of exclusions.  Military salaries were one.  Fair enough.  Of equal importance were congressional staffers who received a bye according to the Washington Post.  Apparently this exclusion also covered many others on Pennsylvania Avenue.  Seeing these staffers make something like twice (or more) the national average salary tells me that stimulus packages are still being handed out if you happen to be working in the right place like, for instance, that blighted area known as Washington D.C.  The next time I hear some politician say we need to cut spending, I’m going to get my shovel ready.  Right after I grab my wallet.