Hither, Thither, and Yon

Up and down.  Back and Forth.  One minute I’m here and the next I’m…well, I’m still here but it seems like everything else is gone.   Do you know what I mean?  Wild.
The purview wherein I dwell professionally has exhibited amazingly strange volatility for months now.  That is, perhaps, a rather hoity-toity way of saying the stock markets sure have moved up and down a bunch lately.  Either way, it’s true.  Consider one arcane measure: the 90% up (or down) day.  These occur whenever one of the major stock indices has 90% or more of its trading volume on a single day skewed toward either advancing or declining issues and the total volume increases substantially over that seen the prior day.  Generally speaking, these are rather rare events and are traditionally taken as signs that serious money is either moving into (on up days) or out of (on down days) the market.  In roughly the last five months though, we have seen around fifteen 90% up days and an equal number of 90% down days.  This extreme contradictory behavior is quite unusual.  It suggests that money managers globally just haven’t been able to become confident in their forecasts of our nation’s economic future.  They, and subsequently their portfolios, have been blown back and forth with every revision in various data points.
How do we navigate your portfolio through such turbulent, foggy seas?  We watch our indicators for multiple confirmations that our macro view is on course, then steer steadily in the direction this compass provides, waiting for the clouds to part.  In the meantime we constantly look both here and there for investments which provide a strong cash flow, relying on interest and dividends to provide a bit of extra oomph, hopefully boosting your total return in these uncertain times.