I suppose most Americans have been on a diet or two. I myself have tried several, even made up a couple. I once decided a cinnamon toast diet was a good idea and ate properly prepared loaves of bread for a couple of week, but it didn’t work. What did work was a strict regimen of frozen M&Ms, but for reasons upon which I choose not to elaborate, I quit that one too. Anyway, the whole point is we generally decide to go on a diet when we have consumed way too much for way too long. Currently, America has found itself in a similar predicament. Individually and as a nation we have gorged ourselves with more goodies than we could actually afford, using ever increasing mountains of debt to keep consuming beyond our means. Now we are even borrowing to pay the interest on what we have previously borrowed, and the bills seem to be growing faster than ever. But it isn’t just here that we see this happening. The same song seems to be playing in most developed nations. Along with us, some other central banks are also resorting to something called quantitative easing to prevent this house of cards from collapsing in a tsunami of liquidation and bankruptcy. Quantitative easing is another fancy word for spending money that doesn’t exist of course, so it sure seems like more of the same gluttony to me. They say, “It isn’t over until the fat lady sings.” Governments seem to be attempting to avert a sad ending by having all the extras keep cramming her mouth full. But the climactic aria must still be heard eventually, and with all the additional debt being stuffed down her throat, this diva seems set on a course that for sure is bound to have an ugly ending. We may all partake of her next diet.