A Sufficiency of Suffixes

While the National Bureau of Economic Research has yet to officially pronounce the recession here in the U.S. ended, they assuredly will sometime in the future.  So confident of this are we here at Atlas Indicators that our attention is now turned toward how various endings to the current bull market may play out.  Of course, for the economy to recover it obviously first had to begin recovering, but this process of recovery by no means suggests that things have recovered.  It hardly takes a degree in economics for the casual observer to note a change from ring to red begins as over morphs into very.  Now you may choose to castigate your humble author, decrying his observation as mere word play, but more than suffixes of a sort are involved here.  The rally in equities combined with fairly calm bond markets has produced favorable results for our portfolios, and we hope to hold on to them.  Thus, how it all ends is of the utmost importance.  I’m certain it doesn’t take a degree in English to agree with us on that.