My Favorite Economic Indicators

Almost every day we watch the market react--sometimes seemingly overreact--to an economic report released either by the government, a research group, or a publicly-traded company. Here I've summarized a handful of them I watch on a quarterly, monthly, in some cases even weekly basis, depending on when they are released. Hover over the title above each circle and you'll find a brief description of each indicator, including its source. Hover over the corresponding yin-yang below each title to get a summary of the most recent data available concerning each indicator. Unless otherwise specified, all data applies just to the United States of America. For an closer look at how these various factors interrelate with one another, a crucial step to take if you are trying to determine the proper asset allocation for your own portfolio, I hope to soon be able to refer you to my latest book, What Did My Broker Say? , which is currently being shopped for a publisher. In the meantime, feel free to contact me or any of my associates at my company Atlas Indicators Investment Advisors. The web site is


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