What did my Broker Say?

I wrote the original version of What Did My Broker Say? A Guide to Financial Planning Terms and Concepts as an educational tools for use in seminars and with my clients. It is now out of print. Good thing too since some of the data in it is out of date due to changes made by Congress or the IRS in the last few years. I am currently working on an updated revision which will be as informative as the original and, now, even more accurate! There are a few (and I mean it) copies of the original laying around in my garage. If you want one, send me an email to that effect and you can have it at (roughly) my cost plus the normal shipping and handling nonsense. Here's a look at the table of contents. You can see it actually covers a lot of material that remains germane, even critical, to today's investor.

Chapter 1. How much should I invest?

Chapter 2. What is money and where does it come from?

Chapter 3. What kind of risks am I taking?

Chapter 4. What part does inflation play in my financial plan?

Chapter 5. A quick look at economics.

Chapter 6. What are bonds?

Chapter 7. What strategies should I use when buying bonds?

Chapter 8. What are stocks?

Chapter 9. What strategies should I use when buying stocks?

Chapter 10. How do mutual funds work?

Chapter 11. How should I construct my portfolio?

Chapter 12. Modern Portfolio Theory

Chapter 13. How do "qualified" retirement plans work?

Chapter 14. Should I have a will or a trust?

Chapter 15. How does insurance fit into my overall plan?

Chapter 16. Some thoughts by the author on future influences.

As an additional resource, my blog will update investors with salient investment data, opinions, and items I find either (a) funny or (b) not so funny (i.e. possibly critical). Look under marketkapz.com or click on the blog link at the top of any page.

All information included in this book is gathered from sources deemed reliable. That means, despite my best intentions, you're on your own and should consider yourself properly warned. Like former President Reagan said, "Trust, but verify." It's all about your money. Any gains or losses you experience will be completely your fault. If, however, you find this information assists you in making a bundle, I will be glad to accept all the credit you choose to send this way. I am currently licensed to offer securities through Securities America, Inc., a registered broker/dealer and member of FINRA/SIPC in California, Texas, Hawaii, and Massachusetts. My insurance license with the State of California is 0A15711. I am also licensed in California to offer advisory services through Cooper McManus, a SEC registered investment advisory firm. Atlas Indicators, Securities America, and Cooper McManus are not affiliated. The opinions and forecasts expressed by me are mine and may not actually come to pass. This is not a recommendation to buy or sell securities, or of any particular asset allocation strategy. These investment guidelines are not intended to represent investment advice that is appropriate for all investors. Each investor’s portfolio must be constructed based on the individual’s financial resources, investment goals, risk tolerance, investing time horizon, tax situation and other relevant factors. If you are not already working directly with me, please discuss an investment plan with your own financial advisor before implementing it. Past performance does not guarantee future results.