Personal Schedule

I will meet with the Claremont Pilgrim Place Stamp Club at 7:00.
I will be attending the California Writers Club--Inland Empire Branch on June 27, 2009 at Borders in Montclair beginning at 10:15. Send an email inquiry if you would like more information.

Upcoming Financial Data

For July, 2009:

7/2 employment
7/1 ISM mfg

For June, 2009:

6/30 home price index
6/26 personal income and expenditures
consumer sentiment
6/25 final Q1 GDP
6/24 durable goods orders
new home sales
FOMC 2-day announcement
6/23 existing home sales
6/18 LEI
6/17 CPI
6/16 housing starts
Ind. Prod
6/15 Treasury international capital flows
housing market index
6/11 May retail sales were up .5% while the core rose .1%. 
6/10 Our April international trade trade deficit was -$29.2 billion. Exports declined -2.3% and our imports fell -1.4%.
The May treasury budget federal deficit was $189.7 billion, almost $24 billion higher than this time last year. Seven months into the fiscal year, the deficit totals -$991.9 billion.
6/9 wholesale trade
6/5 The May unemployment rate per the household survey rose to 9.4%. Average hourly earnings rose just +0.1% while the average workweek fell by -0.1 to 33.1 hours.

6/4 Revisions to the productivity and cost report doubled it from the original +0.8% to +1.6%.  Simultaneously, unit labor costs were revised down -0.3% to a +3.0% gain versus the original report.
6/3 April factory orders rose .7% w/durables up 1.7%; inventories fell 1.%; shipments were off .2%; Unfilled orders dropped 1.2%.
The May ISM non-manufacturing index rose +0.3 points to 44.0.  New orders fell-2.6 to 44.4.
6/1 April personal income and expend was up .5% but spending fell -.1%. The Core PCE rose .3% and y/y is up 1.9%.
The May ISM mfg index rose 2.7% to 42.8.  New orders went positive at 51.1.
April Construction spending rose .8% vs. an expected decline of .8% after being up .4% in March. New single family home construction was off 6.7% ; new multi-unit construction was off 8.8%; existing home construction rose 8.9% indicating home improvements; public construction fell 1.8%.

May, 2009:

5/29: First quarter GDP gdp was revised -5.7% x -6.1. 
May Consumer Sentiment from the Univ. of MI rose 3.6 points to 68.7.
5/28: Durable goods orders
in April were up 1.9% but March was revised down 1.3% to -2.1%. Year over year they are off -24.4%.
New home sales in April annualized at 352,000 units with March revised down 5,000k to 351,000. The supply equals @ 10.1 months of sales.  The median price at $209,700 was up 3.7, but off 14.9% y/y.
5/27: Existing home sales
for April rose 2.9%, but are off Y/Y 3.5%. The median price at $170,200 is down 15.4% Y/Y. Supply rose to 10.2 months.
5/26: The Conference Board May Consumer Confidence reading rose 14.1 points to 54.9 and April was revised up. Expectations accounted for almost all of the increase.
The March Case Shiller-20 home price index was off -2.2% in March with “no evidence” of home price recovery.
5/21: April Leading Indicators rose 1% as both the stock market and consumer confidence moved up.

5/19: April Housing starts were down 12.8% to an annualized 458,000 unit pace, the lowest ever recorded(since 1959). They are off 54.2% year over year.
5/15: April consumer price index: Headline unchanged and -0.6% Y/Y; core +0.1% to +1.9% Y/Y.
April industrial production: off -0.5% to -12.5% Y/Y with capacity utilization off-0.3% to 69.1% .
March international capital flows showed foreign demand for long-term U.S. paper at $55.8B.
5/14: April producer price index: Up +0.3% but down Y/Y -3.5%. Core up +0.1% & +3.4% Y/Y.
5/13: Retail Sales: off -0.4%for the month, -10.1% Y/Y, with core off -0.3% for April.
5/12: March international trade: trade deficit at -$27.6B as exports fell faster than imports.
April Treasury budget: Budget deficit at -$20.9B and YTD @ $802.3B
5/8: April unemployment at 8.9%. Average workweek at 33.2 hours.
March wholesale inventories: Off -1.6
5/7: Q1 Productivity and ULC: Productivity up +0.8% with unit labor cost up +3.3% annualized.
5/5: April non-manufacturing ISM up almost +3 to 43.7.
5/1: April manufacturing ISM rose almost +4 points to 40.1
April consumer sentiment rose almost 8 points to 65.1.
March factory orders fell -0.9%

For April, 2009:
4/30: Personal income fell in March by .3% while consumer spending was off .2%. The PCE price index was unchanged but rose .2% at its core. Core PCE inflation Y/Y is up 1.8%.
The first quarter's Employment cost index came in up .3%, a record low with over 25 years of data. At +2.1%, the Y/Y increase is also a record low.
4/29: The Preliminary 1st quarter GDP report shows a 6.1% drop, mainly on declining inventories.
The FOMC announcement confirmed their intentions to maintain fed funds in a 0-.25% range and employ quantitative measures to promote further easing within the economy.
4/28: April Consumer confidence jumped 12.3 points to 39.2, the biggest hike in 4 years.
4/24: March Durable goods orders fell .8% and Y/Y are down 25.2%.
New home sales in March fell .6% to 356,000 units annualized.
4/23: March Existing home sales were off 3% to an annualized rate of 4,570,000.
4/16: March Housing starts fell 10.8% to an annualized 510,000 unit pace.
4/15: The March Consumer price index fell .1% and is off .4% Y/Y. It rose at the core level by .2% and is up Y/Y 1.8%.
The Treasury International capital report shows foreign demand for U.S. long-term securities grew by $22 billon in February.
March Industrial production fell 1.5% and is down 12.8% Y/Y. Capacity Utilization fell to 69.3%, a record low not seen since records began in 1969.
4/14: The March Producer price index fell 1.2%, bringing the Y/Y rate to -3.6%. The core was unchanged at up +3.8%.
March Retail sales fell 1.1% with core sales off .8%
Business inventories in February fell 1.3% with the I/S at 1.43 months.
4/10: The March Treasury budget deficit was $192.3 billion. YTD it's $956.8 Billion.
4/9: The February International trade deficit, at $26 billion, declined as imports fell.
4/3: March Employment fell -663,000 bringing the unemployment rate up to 8.5%.
The March ISM non-manufacturing report fell to 40.8
4/2: February Factory orders rose 1.8% with a 3.5% increase in durable goods orders.
4/1: The March ISM manufacturing index rose .5 to 36.3 with new orders +8.1 to 41.2.

For March, 2009:
3/16: FOMC announcement

For February, 2009:
2/27: Q4 GDP revisions
Consumer Sentiment
2/26: New Home Sales
Durable Goods Orders
Jobless Claims
2/25: Existing Home Sales
2/24: Consumer Confidence
Case-Shiller Home Price Index
2/20: CPI
2/19: Leading Economic Indicators
Jobless Claims
2/18: Housing Starts
Industrial Production
2/17: Treasury's International Capital Flows
Housing Market
2/12: Retail Sales
Jobless Claims
Business Inventories
2/11: International Trade
2/6 Employment report
2/5: Jobless claims
Productivity and Costs
2/4: Non-manufacturing ISM
2/3: Pending home sales
2/2: Manufacturing ISM
Personal Income and Expenditures

For January, 2009
1/30: 4th quarter preliminary GDP
Consumer sentiment
Employment cost index
1/29: Durable goods orders
new home sales
1/28: the FOMC end their meeting and announced the results.
1/27: Consumer confidence
1/26: Existing home sales
Leading Economic Indicators
1/16: Consumer Price Index
Industrial Production
Consumer Sentiment